Xavier León
Inventory and analysis of privacy certification schemes - Estudio The objective of this report is to comprehensively inventory and analyse privacy and related certification schemes in the European Union and, where relevant, at the international level. The report will provide insights into the...
Xavier León
The ARMOUR aims to address Security and Trust issues on Internet of Things by providing duly tested, benchmarked and certified Security & Trust technological solutions for large-scale IoT using upgraded FIRE large-scale IoT/Cloud testbeds properly-equipped for Security & Trust...
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luap sawlag
Distributed Ledger Technologies (DTL), such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, give us insight into radical new ways of managing trustworthiness, based on a new combination of a community and cryptographic protocols. Perhaps there are parallels we could leverage.
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TRUESSEC MISSION is to identify the different criteria that could be used to asses trustworthiness of services by citizens from multi-disciplinary perspectives: sociological, cultural, legal, ethical, technological and business. The final goal is to make proposal for ETEL European Trust-Enhancing Label.

As part of the planned Support Activities Analysis and Studies the Project has set up two tools in this website:

  • CONTRIBUTIONS: section is intended to hold and keep alive liaisons with projects and activities lead from outside that could contribute to the goals of this project.

  • DEBATES: section is aimed to interact with the stakeholders about the trustworthiness indicators criteria catalogue and how those criteria could be evaluated and rated in order to assess a trustworthiness level.

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