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Recently, the ENISA released an interesting report on certification schemes in data protection.
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Cloud Security Alliance has deployed not only a CoC, but also a matrix with security requirements for cloud service providers
Danny Guamán
Approach for defining assessment criteria based on a multidisciplinary analysis. This is an idea connected to the Future: Multidisciplinary Criteria Catalogue for European Trust-Enhancing Label
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TRUESSEC MISSION is to identify the different criteria that could be used to asses trustworthiness of services by citizens from multi-disciplinary perspectives: sociological, cultural, legal, ethical, technological and business. The final goal is to make proposal for ETEL European Trust-Enhancing Label.

As part of the planned Support Activities Analysis and Studies the Project has set up two tools in this website:

  • CONTRIBUTIONS: section is intended to hold and keep alive liaisons with projects and activities lead from outside that could contribute to the goals of this project.

  • DEBATES: section is aimed to interact with the stakeholders about the trustworthiness indicators criteria catalogue and how those criteria could be evaluated and rated in order to assess a trustworthiness level.

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