Work package 6: Business factors


The objectives of this work package are to:

  • Promote the good practices (especially emphasising business models and business liability) utilized already within business entities, so that they can be proposed as European certifications for trustworthy ICT applications and service.
  • Form means and mechanisms (i.e. requirements and processes) for business entities to adopt assurance and certifications that incorporate Europe’s fundamental values and rights as part of the European labels for trustworthy systems, services and components.
  • Analyse risks and opportunities related to formed requirements and processes from the business making perspective, including both business models and liabilities.
  • Understand the barriers to adoption and the cost/benefit and incentive models that businesses are faced with in order to adopt appropriate assurance and certification solutions.
  • Provide recommendations for regulatory and/or standardisation measures for easier and more widespread adoption.
  • Engage closely with the work programme associated cluster projects from the DS-01- 2016 call to enable a closer engagement between their work and industry.

The findings from this work package will influence the development of the SHOP platform and community – especially in helping to provide a wider range of viable options for assurance and certification.There shall be two-person team of privacy, trust and security business innovation professionals involved in this work package. This WP will provide valuable synergies through the direct and indirect national and international contacts through various other programmes that KTN and the other partners are currently involved in the area of Cyber Security, Smart Cities, IoT, eHealth and Internet-based systems. By utilizing these strong business relations this WP can reflect its findings, definitions and recommendations in the real business environment with real business entities.The work package will operate within the context of the new GDPR⇗ for certification (article 42) and affordable costs and liabilities (article 82).

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