Work package 5: Technological Factors


The main goal of WP5 is to provide technical design guidance on the assessment of safe and trustworthy ICT systems that comply with Europe’s fundamental values and rights, while responding to every part of social, cultural, legal, ethical, technical, organizational, economic, and business dimensions. This entails a multidisciplinary approach in the different activities of engineering and deployment cycles; however, engineers find it difficult to understand these dimensions, as they are more used to dealing with operational, technical requirements.This WP focuses on how the other dimensions impact the security and privacy properties during the technical development of current and future technologies.This global aim of WP5 can be decomposed into the following, detailed objectives:

  • Analyse the aforementioned factors –according to the outcomes of WPs 3, 4 and 6– which drive the technical requirements for building trustworthy ICT systems (including CPS).
  • Define the technical requirements to be satisfied by those systems (and which can be ultimately assured and certified); by translating the high-level concerns previously identified from other dimensions into specific technical features.
  • Identify the requirements for which there is a lack of technical solutions or appropriate methodologies, and which may thus become a source of risks for the development of trustworthy ICT systems.
  • Identify technical advances that are not considered by the other dimensions but which may help to satisfy and progress their requirements.
  • Provide recommendations to bridge the gaps identified above.
  • Analyse acceptance of products conveyed by certifications; all taking into account behavioural aspects from the perspective of user affordances in the context of Human- Computer Interface.
  • Bring the conclusions from the SSH analysis (coming from WP3, WP4, WP6) to the technically oriented associated cluster projects in a format that is easily understood by technical practitioners, so that they can take into account SSH aspects in their projects.

Technical requirements will be elaborated taking into account the constraints placed by the results of WP3 (socio-cultural requirements), WP4 (legal and ethical), and WP6 (organizational, economic and business), together with the technological possibilities provided by the state of the art. The identification of measures to better fulfil the technical requirements (and thus the higher level multidisciplinary requirements) will feed WP7.

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