Work package 4: Legal and Ethical Factors


The objective of this WP is to generate a legal analysis of the existing legal framework as well as a deeper understanding of legal factors related to ICT security and privacy features, by providing support studies about requirements, policies and best practices at European and national level using different legal instruments —including soft law. This will feed the discussions on SHOP, i.e. the TRUESSEC.EU platform and support existing initiatives.This WP will provide:

  • A support study that (i) conceptualizes trust, trustworthiness, assurance, certification and other fundamental concepts; (ii) identifies and clarifies important ethical issues associated with ICT products and services; (iii) offers insight into assessing the balance between European values and citizens’ rights.
  • Rules and guidance on how these new technologies will safeguard these values and rights by identifying principles and by defining a Criteria Catalogue that can be considered to evaluate the ethical and legal acceptability’s factors that would create and enhance the “trust” in ICT products and services, from the point of view of both users and stakeholders.

Legal and ethical aspects are made relevant by the highly sensitive nature of a standardized certification mechanism that may ultimately arise if our recommendations for the creation of the label (RETEL) are taken into account. In addition, this is likely to have a profound impact on civil society as it aims at securing fundamental rights and freedoms, as well as helping the development of trust in ICT products and services. A thorough analysis of legal aspects will also improve the label proposal’s legitimacy and acceptability by having a constant link with stakeholders and defining a criteria catalogue that can serve further research.WP4 will continuously analyse the different inputs from WPs 3-6. The results of all three WP4 tasks, such as current and future regulations, Criteria Catalogue, recommendations, potential legal and ethical issues will be shared with the SHOP platform, and will play a crucial role for WP7 and the development of the TRUESSEC.EU label.

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