Work package 3: Sociological and Cultural Factors


This work package will focus on studying public opinions in Europe with regard to trust, acceptance and perceived risks and threats in ICT products and services. It will a) evaluate existing surveys and b) map exemplary public discourses on these topics at the European and national levels to stress social and cultural aspects (including gender-related effects). There will be an exchange with WP4 to identify the central legal and ethical aspects of ICT products and services, and to ensure that all relevant European values and norms will be taken into account in the sociological studies. The findings of WP3 are part of the supporting studies. Through the analysis of surveys and public discourses in Europe, WP3 will aid in the definition of requirements, challenges and solutions concerning trust in ICT products and services (see WP7). Especially the evaluation of the social dynamics between trust, acceptance and perceived risks regarding ICT products and services, which will lead to a better understanding of the societal impacts of new information and communication technologies. The findings of WP3 are part of the multidisciplinary evaluation of existing labels and initiatives and the Criteria Catalogue in WP7 by providing insight into how European values and (social) norms are perceived and treated in public opinions and discourses in regard to ICT products and services. To collect critical feedback and support a broad discussion with stakeholders the findings will be shared with SHOP and also with the associated cluster research and innovation actions (regarding assurance and security certification) of the DS-01- 2016 call.

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