Work package 2: Multi-stakeholders’ Platform, community-building and iterative assessment


The general objective of WP2 is to establish a broad and sustainable network of stakeholders involved in the development of Internet-based technologies (the industry) and in the promotion of European values and fundamental rights in the digital era (policy makers, non-governmental bodies, lawyers, training providers, etc.). To this end, WP2 will create a dynamic map of stakeholders and initiatives to help foster a better collective understanding of the links between citizens’ risk perception and trust, and the acceptance of risks associated with new digital services. In parallel, WP2 will create and animate an Internet-based Stakeholders Online Platform (SHOP) in order to foster a debate at a European scale between citizens, policy makers, institutions, private sector, etc. It will broadcast results of studies from other WPs and create a public debate about it, through our platform, in order to gather feedback and comments from the community. It will explore the role of assurance and certification in the public perception as a way of generating trust in digital systems, service and products.This WP will produce a deliverable with the description of the SHOP platform, including guidelines to use it.

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