Work package 1: Project Management


The purposes of this work package are to provide a smooth organization and coordination of the TRUESSEC.EU project activities and to reach high quality of results so as to achieve a major impact. It will be performed in conformance with the project management structure as described in sect. 3 of the DoW; and it will comply with H2020 guidelines and coordination rules.This WP will globally manage and steer the project, from both from the strategic and operational perspective, and by monitoring and coordinating the technical progress and the delivery, dissemination and exploitation of the results and the achievement of milestones. A set of key performance indicators will be set up to assess project performance all along the execution. The progress will be monitored and tracked to manage the risk and guarantee that the required deliverables are reported and delivered properly. Potential risks will be continuously identified and their impact on the smooth execution of the TRUESSEC.EU activities will be assessed to take adaptive or corrective measures when needed (see risk plan in section 3.2).

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