Deliverable D7.5 - European Trust- Enhancing Label launching roadmap

Pablo López-Agu...

The results of this report are based mainly on i) the results of the SUPPA studies, ii) the Criteria Catalogue obtained from the D7.2 and iii) the recommendations made in the D7.4.

These results have allowed us to define a roadmap for launching the label proposed by aimed at analysing the key points needed to ensure the permanence of the results of the project.

Key points that should be taken into account to launch the labelling proposed by are:

  • Choose the European public authority (can be several) that can better define the rules behind the labelling proposal, the framework and disseminate its principles and values.
  • Define the sector of the proposal and its scope. To achieve this goal, it will be necessary to control the progress of the sister project and see which fits better in our labelling proposal. Follow-up projects focussing on specific areas and a supervisory body (group of wise men) would also be good. could be a sub-project in a WP. Candidates for such projects are several current calls in the LEIT-ICT or similar programmes with a technological focus and SSH as cross-cutting priority.
  • Define a self-evaluation questionnaire oriented to the chosen sector (an example is given in the Annex section).
  • Develop a labelling portal to allow ICT companies of the chosen sector to carry out the questionnaire and see its results (a proof of concept is being developed).
  • Define the way to assess trustworthiness based on the answers obtained in the questionnaire.
  • Define a multidimensional& multilevel visual label that allows, in a simple way, to visualize the results obtained.
  • Define if the European legal framework covers the needs that the labelling proposal is demanding.
  • Define a series of promotion and awareness campaigns focused in the sector to which the labelling proposal is oriented.