Deliverable 7.2 Cybersecurity and privacy Criteria Catalogue for assurance and certification

Pablo López-Agu...

Within the project and as part of this report we have developed a transdisciplinary Criteria Catalogue for trustworthy ICT products and services. It builds upon Deliverable D.4.3 First draft Criteria Catalogue and regulatory recommendations which provided a set of ethical and legal criteria that constitute a necessary condition for establishing the trustworthiness of ICT products and services. The Criteria Catalogue was developed with the input from five disciplines represented in the project, namely, ethics, law, sociology, business and technology.

As part of this deliverable:

  • We presented the six Core Areas along with an interdisciplinary comment on each Core Area.
  • We presented the Criteria Catalogue with twelve criteria and corresponding indicators.
  • We also formulated some interdisciplinary comments on the Criteria Catalogue pertaining to possible challenges and some opened issues.

This deliverable will further contribute to the drafting of the recommendations for the development of a European label for enhancing trust and security in Internet-based technologies and services.