Deliverable 6.3: Validation and standardisation proposal – Business best practices

Pablo López-Agu...

Work package 6 of the TRUESSEC project focuses on the business factors around Internet trust, security, certification and the potential labelling of these for citizens. It therefore examines a range of activities from the perspectives of business, with regard to both larger enterprises (LEs), and Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

This specific deliverable examines the 50+ good business practices from our earlier work (D6.1, D6.2), and attempts to place them in the context of i) standards and ii) potential components for the TRUESSEC solution being proposed to the European Union (EU).

In order to do this, this paper will describe the proposed solution for a certified TRUESSEC label. It will then use a simple framework to classify which best practices are relevant to standardization and which should form part of the label. Finally, it will prioritise the various best business practices that should be incorporated into the certification process.

It should be noted that some practices are already part of existing standards, while others are almost certainly impossible to standardize, forming instead part of competitive advantage for businesses that excel at delivering better, more trusted systems to their customers. The classification framework also captures this information in the form of references to market-leading companies.