Deliverable 6.2 - Identifying best practices and recommendations – risks and opportunities

Pablo López-Agu...

Work package 6 of the TRUESSEC project focuses on the business factors around trust, security, certification and the potential labelling of these. It therefore examines a range of activities from the perspectives of business, with regard to both Larger Enterprises (LEs), and Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

The previous deliverable (T6.1) researched and described more than 60 best practices that together constitute a wide range of activities and options for business to instil security and trust across Internet-connected products and services. It concluded with 14 key recommendations for consideration by the European Commission and its various relevant bodies, such as ENISA. It perhaps is useful to note that few of the best practices described were the result of actual labelling. In short, while labelling is one useful form of signalling of trust, both business users and citizens deploy a much more sophisticated approach towards security and trust – some of which are already extant in business brands offline.