D5.3. Recommendations and technology research agenda

Danny Guamán

This document is the third deliverable from TRUESSEC.EU Work Package (WP) 5 (Technological factors) which has two objectives: firstly, to propose a set of recommendations to determine the requirements that can be mandated by certifications of trustworthy ICT products or services; and secondly, to propose a research agenda based on the gaps identified in the deliverable D5.2.

The deliverable begins with a brief overview of the findings of D5.2. In particular, the six principles of trustworthiness identified by the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) Work Packages (WP3 and WP4) are presented along with the related ICT systems properties, as well as the list of the barriers/challenges that may prevent existing technologies from realizing these principles.

The following is a set of recommendations to understand better the requirements that may be mandated by certifications. Besides building on the results of D5.2, the recommendations are supported by current efforts of some European organisations, e.g. we have analysed the Cybersecurity Act proposed by the European Commission and the European Cybersecurity Organisation (ECSO) Meta-scheme.

Finally, on the basis of the barriers and challenges identified in D5.2, a research agenda organised by the six TRUESSEC.eu SSH principles of trustworthiness (i.e. transparency, privacy, anti-bias, autonomy, respect, and protection) is presented. We present a set of research topics that need to be addressed to enable the building of trustworthy ICT products and services. Where possible, research topics have been linked to European Research Programmes calls that could be utilised to address them. Utilising the research agenda in this way could promote project sustainability and generate valuable resources for and from cluster projects.