D4.3 First draft Criteria Catalogue and regulatory recommendations

Pablo López-Agu...

The aim of the Deliverable D.4.3 First draft Criteria Catalogue and regulatory recommendations is to identify and clarify potential ethical and legal criteria that may be used to evaluate the trustworthiness of ICT products and service. For that purpose, we have developed a First draft Criteria Catalogue for security and privacy features of ICT products and services in regard to their trustworthiness as well as recommendations for the development of a European label for enhancing trust and security in Internet-based technologies and services. The Criteria Catalogue has in its core the European values and fundamental rights.

These are the steps we took and the main findings we have formulated as part of this deliverable:


  1. Based on the support studies carried out in the first year of the project as well as based on some interdisciplinary work, we have agreed upon six Core Areas, which make up the basis of the TRUESSEC.eu Criteria Catalogue. These include: transparency, privacy, anti-discrimination, autonomy, respect and protection. The input we have provided in this report comes only from ethics and law, although we have also started to involve the other disciplines and partners.
  2. The six Core Areas helped us and guided us in the search of criteria that may be used to evaluate the trustworthiness of ICT products and services. So far we have identified eleven criteria.
  3. To each criterion we have assigned corresponding indicators, which should tell us to what degree a criterion is fulfilled. The list of criteria and indicators is not complete since with the fast pace of technological advancement it is likely to expect that the need may arise to include additional criteria. Nevertheless, the eleven criteria provided in the Criteria Catalogue can be considered as the fundamental ones.
  4. We have also formulated recommendations to strengthen the role of fundamental rights and European values in the further development of ICT products and services.


All these findings will be further incorporated in WP7, namely in the development of the transdisciplinary Criteria Catalogue and the TRUESSEC.eu recommendations for trust-enhancing label.