Criteria Catalogue for trustworthy ICT products and services

Hristina Veljanova
In the midst of the fast technological development we are faced with one big challenge: How can we build trustworthy and reliable ICT products and services that safeguard fundamental rights and European values? Developing a Criteria Catalogue is our way to address this challenge.

Importance for Trustworthiness

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In light of the ever-increasing use of and dependence on ICT products and services as well as following the efforts of the European Union to boost the Digital Single Market and build a European data economy, there is a clear need to build a reliable and trustworthy ICT infrastructure that will safeguard fundamental rights and European values. In order to address this issue, as part of the project we prepared a First draft Criteria Catalogue and regulatory recommendations for trustworthy ICT products and services. This First draft Criteria Catalogue reflects the work we did in the first project year as part of the legal and ethical support studies (D.4.1 Support Study: Legal Analysis and D.4.2 Support Study: Ethical Issues).

Within the First Criteria Catalogue, we provided a set of criteria and corresponding indicators which are intended to help ICT providers from public and private sectors to provide more trustworthy products and services. The criteria and indicators are rooted in, what we call, Core Areas of trustworthiness (transparency, privacy, anti-discrimination, autonomy, respect and protection) which reflect the values that ought to be taken into consideration in both the design and use of ICT products and services.

We invite you to have a look at the list of Core Areas, criteria and indicators. What are your thoughts and comments? Are there any further (legal and ethical) criteria that we should add? Are there any indicators that we should additionally consider?


You can find the First draft Criteria Catalogue under the following link:

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