The certMILS H2020 project: protecting critical infrastructure using certification

Valentin Gibello
CertMILS, a the continuation of FP7 EURO-MILS project, aims at developing the first European security certification platform for critical infrastructure. The objectives are to make certification widespread, affordable and operational, while countering the US dominance in this market.


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How could the MILS architecture make it easier to demonstrate that an embedded system is compliant with a security or safety standard (eg. the common criteria)? What is the MILS security-by-design method and how can it be leveraged to improve the security certification process? Answering these questions could lead to vast security - and ultimately, trustworthiness improvements for entire industries, such as the IoT market!

As a consortium of industrial stakeholders operating "close to the security market", certMILS leverages security-by-design technologies, a system design approach "tightly coupled with security evaluation and security certification". As such, the results of this sister project are closely followed by the consortium, which is eager to share its multidisciplinary perspective and SSH-oriented insights.

The official website of the certMILS project.

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