Can You Trust Digital Products and Services?

Pablo López-Aguilar Beltrán


On the 22nd of September 2017, Truessec held an interactive debate entitled : "Can You Trust Digital Products and Services?" Find here a recording of the debate as well as the paper summarising some of the factors and potential issues that surround trust and security of European online...

Impact description

A number of recent high-profile cases of businesses failing to protect their users’ data have led to an increasing erosion of trust in digital goods and services. This is hampered by the fact that it is often difficult to appraise their trustworthiness.
One possible solution may be clear labeling and certification of our digital services. An EU-funded project, called TRUESSEC.EU, aims at exploring the situation, the barriers, and the benefits of security and privacy labels. Its goal is to make recommendations to the EU Commission about how businesses might use labeling and certification to engender stronger levels of trust in our digital services.
But what does business think about labeling? Is it a feasible solution to build trust? What about the costs? Can security ever be promised?


Full paper: