Valentin Gibello
EU-SEC is a sister European project seeking to provide the information security market with suitable solutions for cloud-computing related issues (privacy, transparency, compliance,...).
Valentin Gibello
CertMILS, a the continuation of FP7 EURO-MILS project, aims at developing the first European security certification platform for critical infrastructure. The objectives are to make certification widespread, affordable and operational, while countering the US dominance in this market.
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State of the cyber threat landscape 2017 MISSION

TRUESSEC MISSION is to identify the different criteria that could be used to asses trustworthiness of services by citizens from multi-disciplinary perspectives: sociological, cultural, legal, ethical, technological and business. The final goal is to make proposal for ETEL European Trust-Enhancing Label.

As part of the planned Support Activities Analysis and Studies the Project has set up two tools in this website:

  • CONTRIBUTIONS: section is intended to hold and keep alive liaisons with projects and activities lead from outside that could contribute to the goals of this project.

  • DEBATES: section is aimed to interact with the stakeholders about the trustworthiness indicators criteria catalogue and how those criteria could be evaluated and rated in order to assess a trustworthiness level.

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